Weeping Willow Lutherie- It's Your Axe...

Welcome to my  website.site1048.jpg Sorry if this site does not get updated all too often. I'm better with a knife or chisel than

a keyboard and mouse...   :)

I've been building and repairing Musical Instruments since 1984. It has been my main profession since 1989.  I started Weeping Willow in 1991 building custom-designed Guitars using mostly Black Willow as the primary tonewood.  My formal training is in Violinmaking and restoration and I specialize in 'Cello and Double Bass repair.  I've carried the disciplines and skill set over to the contemporary side of my business and have applied methods, materials and designs to all of my instruments....

I no longer pre-build axes for "stock".  Everything is done as a custom order only.   But this is a good thing...   :)   It frees me up to spend time with you on a one-to-one, individual basis...   So I can give you and your axe my undivided attention!

 It's your axe....  How do you want it?

As a small custom builder, I don't do the volume for product lines or a multitude of SKU numbers. 

But I do, however, have different styles which I call "Tones".   These "Tones" are as much about attitude and feel as they are about how the axe sounds!!!     

 It's your axe....   What's your Tone gonna be?

Some of my most popular tones are:

  • The Strelly
  • The Surf Rod
  • The Shred Rod
  • The Vintage Rod
  • The T-Rod
  • The P-Rod and J-Rod 


I can make just about anything you might want in a Guitar or Bass.   My Tones give us both a place to start...


I use D'Addario strings exclusively on all of my axes!  The company is one-in-a-million!

And the people there are wonderful!!!

lace_logo.jpg  I am proud to offer the entire lace line in any of my axes and they have me on the Lace Builder's page.  Great Products!!!  Great Company!!!

Hey...Check out WWL's MySpace page  & meet my friends.


Make sure that you check out STU...  Stu's the man!!! 

He's a wicked player, writer and all around musician.

He's also a slammin' web-designer and graphic artist!!!



Want to see if your next axe might be up for sale on eBay???  You can check it out here:  My eBay listings!

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