Well.......  Still pretty lazy on this site because

I've been busy with my axes...      :) 

I hope to get an Artist page up fairly soon... you can check the gallery wwl owner's page

Latest news is that I no longer pre-build axe for stock in order to provide the best ground-up support for my customers.  I enjoy the personal interaction as much as the building.  Most customers end up as good friends by the time we're done.  I even made great friends who never pulled the trigger on a new axe...  { Hey Sascha...  :) }

Seriously, I build ALL my axes because I love to do it and because I know what it takes to make a great Guitar.  I want to put an axe in my customers' hands that will feel just like home and will inspire them to venture far from it.    Explore music.... Enhance life!

I've recorded some tunes using all instruments that I've built.

Austin Has It's Limits   Lead: Red Alder Strat with Lace Gold in Neck position; Rhythm: Willow Tele Lace T-100

Bender Blue   Zebrawood B-Bender Tele with WWL Vintage Voiced pups.  Lead: Red Alder Strat with Lace

Gold/Silver Neck/Middle

Calling Down   WWL Baritone with Lace Alumatone single coils neck/middle

DDD  3 tracks with Tele Custom with Mustang whammy and Lace Sensor Red pups.  Tuned open D

Eel Blues  Lace Blue lead

FPrints   Lead: WWL Shred Rod lead with WWL Humbucker and Floyd. Rhythm: Surf Rod

with Lace Hot Golds

Waiting for the Glue to Dry  Red Alder Surf Rod with Lace Blue/Silver/Gold set

Heavy Grind  WWL Shred Rod and Fusion Rod.  WWL Humbucker and

Lace Hot Gold/Hot Silver Zebra Dually

Izzy's Flat Tire Shuffle  Bass.: WWL P Rod with Lace Transensor P Bass pup. 

Red Alder Surf Rod with Lace "Super Dome" set

J Thump Bass.: WWL J Rod with Lace J Bass pups.

Red Alder Surf Rod with Lace "Super Dome" set.  LP with WWL Vintage Humbucker

Whistle Bass.: WWL P Rod with Lace Transensor P Bass pup.

Red Alder Surf Rod with Lace "Super Dome" set

You can check my old site here:    comcast website

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Here are some works in process:




Below: Almost done.


 I have 6-7 axes available and a few builds in the works!

I'll try to keep the updates coming...